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I’m half a meteorologist now. I have all the weather forecasts at a glance and could soon provide hour-by-hour information on when it will rain and how much.

It’s unbelievable how quickly one develops into an expert in some subjects.

I’m very excited.

So I already knew on Friday that only Saturday morning would be suitable for a spray pass.

In the meantime, I had familiarized myself with the pesticides. What does group of active substances, development of resistance, alternative means, etc.

Once created an Excel so that I can use it again and again, because every time a new calculation is not really my thing.
So I only have to read the values, enter them, convert them to the filling quantity of the spray tank and fini.

Everything fixed and ready.

So it started early, right after breakfast, because you want to get it over with. There are more pleasant things in the vines. And that has long since had nothing to do with the romanticism that is often associated with wine and viticulture.

Now that I have to apply crop protection myself, I know one thing for sure:

No winemaker sprays more than he absolutely has to. Firstly, the work is really time-consuming, and secondly, it’s not pleasant because you’re inevitably standing in spray mist and if you’re serious about crop protection then you should dress appropriately and that’s warm. A second set of clothes in the car is pre-programmed.

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