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The young plant has grown very well despite the dry summer. No watering or pampering programs were needed to keep the little ones growing.

In fact, it was noticeable that the two newly planted varieties Souvignier gris and Johanniter did differently.

While the Johanniter literally outgrew itself and the last wire at a height of almost 2 meters, the Souvignier gris stayed more moderately below the first wire at a height of around 1 meter. Perhaps individual plants thought they had to put their noses out higher, but from spring they will all be pruned back to the same number of eyes.

Some people then give you the advice that next year you could leave the rod 10 cm below the first wire, so you would definitely bring in the first 40 kg on the are, but experience has shown that you should do without it in the second year, if the rods do not have a good thumb width.

Then opinions differ…

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