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Today I mutated into a calculator. Material order is pending for the wire frame of the plant. It must or should be this year.

After much back and forth, discussing and talking shop with colleagues, it is now certain. No stitching wires. I opted for hail protection nets, so there are no double wires in the middle, and I only have one pair of wires at the same height at the top, to which the hail protection nets are later attached.

But now it was time to count. We had already made the planting plan last year and knew how many plants we wanted to plant. All that was missing was the correct numbers for ordering the wire system. But that was also quickly ordered – thanks to the planting plan.

The numbers are delivered to the dealer you trust, and you can still find out about the latest technical advances in brochures. And even if you can hardly believe it, there are also technical advances in viticulture, with a wire system. Of course, as with everything, if you don’t think about it, you won’t think of it.

The only restriction to the whole spectacle: the goods had to be delivered by April 27th. to be there. I had to the 27.4. asked all my helpers who would stand by my side.

At the time I didn’t know how I was going to get the amount of stakes and wire into the vines, as the stakes were 5 cm too long for the trailer. Then everyone who is told that says: “It’s not a problem at all, then just look out the back.” I was that clever too, unfortunately our trailer has a ramp, which is about 1.30 m high and therefore nothing to “let people look out from behind”.

The fact is, you have to let the posts look out at the front, because the wall can be opened. However, you have to secure the Chose well so that nothing is hanging in the trunk when braking.

Fortunately, the posts are on pallets and are loaded in the same way. Nothing slips. But in the end everything was fine: the goods were intact on April 27th. arrived in the vines.

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