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Less than 8 days later and I’m already here again. In the vines for spraying. Then come the questions from family and friends: “What? Yet again?”

I actually had it in my head that you have to go out about every 10-12 days, but I have learned that this year is extreme. A lot of people haven’t experienced it at all.

well Great timing, Larissa!

You’re doing the whole thing for the first time and then you jump right into it. So if that’s the worst case, then I look forward to more years with ease. But everyone tells you that. “We’ve never had anything like it.” “This is the hardest year I’ve ever had.”

Soothing, but also challenging at the same time. So am I doing everything right? In the meantime, I had obtained advice from the viticulture consultant I trusted. It’s really not easy. But in the meantime I have to say I’m more relaxed. I think I got the point. So it’s good if you’ve done it yourself at least once. Then you know what you’re talking about.

And this week I had my absolute key experience.

I had a professional with me on the vines.

What he said? – My vines would have been in excellent health for this difficult time.

I did an air jump.

He said a compliment was worth it. He must say that now.

I was really floored… and a tiny bit proud.

And what’s next then? – Well, the next injection is just around the corner. Today is June 22nd, so it’s just 7 days again and it’s the most important spraying of all, because the flowering is almost over and now it’s time to take care of it.

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