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Were outside again today. With the homeopathic amounts of pesticides I need for my 30 ares and my husband’s words: “And that helps…?” – When I look at the result so far, I have to say: “Yes!”

At first you think you’ve miscalculated, then you soon realize that’s not the case, but you’re still surprised, but in the end you’re happy. 

Well, let’s go, because over 30 degrees were reported for the day and we had already reached 26 degrees by 9 a.m. when we arrived in the vines.

Fill the syringe and go. The 27 kilograms on the back, marching up, along the long edge line. Through the tall grass, wading, line left up and right down again.

If you are traveling with a jet fighter, i.e. a backpack sprayer, you have the disadvantage that you have to walk each line from both sides. That usually means 4 times as much work as spraying with a tractor, which only has to drive every second aisle because it can spray much further.

It goes without saying that this takes about an hour and a half, and not just 15 minutes. I have to mix it up all the time in the syringe.

But on the other hand I work very precisely, I can simply turn the hammer in between, for example if I have faulty sticks or have reached the end of a row.

The tugs usually run, even when they turn.

Well, and then I was almost done, so basically 3 lines were missing and one last short one. Suddenly…Engine stalling…a quick look into the spray tank, hmm, still full…Engine stalling wouldn’t be appropriate either…I couldn’t get any further with my thoughts, the engine was off.

Then the scales fell from my eyes.

I turned it up a notch, so the gas, since the foliage had become so much denser in the meantime, and to wet everything properly, including between the leaves, I used more pressure. Well, more pressure = more power, more… yes, exactly… petrol.

That meant, because I didn’t have any petrol with me (I had never needed it, I always filled it up beforehand and never used more than half), get petrol.

  1.  Possibility: drive home, fetch (17 km)
  2. To my trusted dealer, not sure he has any (5km)
  3. Go to the gas station in the next town and mix it yourself (2 km)

We decided on the last option and bought canister number 10 and oil bottle number 2 and started to mix.

Tank felt and on we went. For about another 10 minutes, because then I was already done..

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