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This year it all started with the Muskateller.

Full of anticipation, but knowing that the frost in spring had taken a lot from us this year after the warm March.

However, even I had not believed that it was so much.

The three of us lined up at a Rebstück in Markgräflerland, which is better to slide down than try to stand up in (but with an excellent view).

Estimated duration: 2 hours with 3 men. Ok, 2 men, one woman + dog.

After an hour we were through. So with the grapes.

We also had big eyes.

Why? – Well, when we consider that five of us were on the road in the same piece last year and only finished after more than 3 hours with around 500 kg of grapes.

This year? – A sad sight. It wasn’t even half a vat. And after pressing, we had 65 l Muskateller. (for comparison: approx. 300 l last year)

Yes, the disillusionment was there. Just to ask yourself the question: What do people who make a living from this work do? Who nature, the weather, the climate simply took five sixths of their income from under their butts. And we complain in the industry, in our comfortable office workplaces, when the bonus is less… What if you don’t have a bonus at all? Have no way of reaching one? The regulations at this point – and this must also be addressed clearly – regarding excess quantities and the possible compensation for loss of income that this entails.

Aaaaaber: That’s another topic. Quite a big one to be covered elsewhere.

Where was I?

– Oh yes, we talked about bonus. So no bonus this year, but rather “use of leftovers”. What was left. After frost, after spotted-wing drosophila and after botrytis. This year you could watch the grapes lose weight practically day by day, due to one of the causes mentioned above. That was bad.

Because of the horror stories from my colleagues, I didn’t even want to get a picture of the vines. I wasn’t either. I figured I’d take what’s left over if I need to sort.

With Muskateller, there was not so much to sort.

You didn’t want to do without a single grape.

So we brought her home. Lovingly destemmed and mashed.

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