Waldrosé 2022

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Waldrosé – A Unique Journey into Nature’s Heart

Welcome to a sensory odyssey through the aromas of Waldrosé, an exceptional rosé crafted from the noble Pinot Noir. Carefully harvested from our vineyard in Niedereggenen, nestled near a picturesque forest, the grapes set the stage for this extraordinary wine.

The distinction of this wine lies not only in the grape selection but also in its meticulous crafting process. A gentle aging on lees extends until January, imparting remarkable depth in fruitiness and an irresistible smoothness to this rosé.

Immerse yourself in the aromas of wild berries that define this wine. Each sip evokes memories of a stroll through the woods, accompanied by the refreshing vitality of a cool summer rain. The bouquet is a symphony of subtle nuances, captivating the senses and adding a touch of elegance to every moment.

Waldrosé is more than just a beverage; it’s a connection to nature and an invitation to appreciate the present moment. Perfect for social occasions or a tranquil evening for two. Discover, with each glass, the exceptional harmony between the wine and the forest – Waldrosé, a celebration of the senses.


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