Wald Rosé

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Waldrosé 2021

The Vineyard
Niedereggenen is a site in the Baden region of Germany known for growing Pinot Noir, also known as Spätburgunder. Niedereggenen produces high quality Pinot Noir wines that are often appreciated for their elegance, finesse and delicate aromas.
This Forest Rosé comes from close to the forest, hence its name.

The Taste
This forest rosé simply has a piece of the forest in it. Aromas of red fruits such as deep, dark sour cherries and wild strawberries are accompanied by subtle spice notes of cinnamon and clove.
If you’ve ever walked through the forest in the morning and breathed in the freshness, you’ll experience it with your first sip.

The Body

This forest rosé from the Sonnenstück vineyard in Niedereggenen has a medium body.

Alcoholic Content
11.5% by volume

Soft tannins

Acidity level
Pleasant acidity structure

Sugar content
< 5 g/l

Best served with
* Light appetizers: A rosé works well with light appetizers such as salads, caprese, smoked salmon or seafood. The fruity aromas and refreshing acidity of rosé complement the light flavors of the food.
* Mediterranean cuisine: Rosé is an excellent accompaniment to Mediterranean dishes such as grilled vegetables, olives, feta cheese, grilled fish or seafood. The fresh and fruity note of rosé wine can enhance the flavors of these dishes.
* Summer dishes: On warm days, a rosé is a refreshing choice. It goes well with dishes such as grilled chicken, grilled fish, pasta with a light sauce or grilled vegetables. Rosé wine provides a pleasant cooling sensation and adds a fruity note to dishes.
* Picnics and Finger Food: Rosé is a great choice for picnics or when enjoying finger food. It goes well with a selection of light snacks such as antipasti, bruschetta, cheese platter, tapas or sandwiches.
* Asian cuisine: A rosé can also be enjoyed with Asian dishes such as sushi, summer rolls, fried rice or spicy curries. The lively flavors of rosé wine can be a nice complement to

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